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Lorrinda was born to a family of preachers and farmers. She has lived in Eastern North Carolina her entire life.   At the age of 17, the night of her graduation from high school, she set out to find a way to sustain herself, find security and build wealth.  That lead to the realization that communicators and business owners had information that she needed to survive and thrive.  She has spent the last 30 years searching for the truth and favor of an abundant, healthy life.  Having spent nearly a half a $million connecting dots, listening, working, volunteering, and experiencing different cultures, business models and industries, she knows the tools, skills and mindset required to live a life divine by design.

In her early 20s, months after being homeless in Raleigh, North Carolina, she accidentally built a house in Wendell while unselfishly and feverishly advocating for the fair, dignified, treatment of hard-working, law-abiding citizens during the home buying process. Today she serves on the Board of Directors of a dynamic 25+ year old non-profit that develops people and communities. 

Lorrinda has 20+ years of deep information technology and business management training and experience. She is a webmaster, a software developer, and lover of ideas and people. Her work consists of gathering and cultivating ideas worth sharing. She has many interests; a dynamic generalist. She is a dot connector, an explorer, a webmaster, a creative technologist, a training champion, a microbusiness evangelist, a home ownership advocate, a product developer, a media producer, and a health revivalist. Lorrinda is a certified project management professional with an undergraduate degree in information technology and a master’s degree in business administration. She loves to learn, write, talk and teach.

In 2006, Lorrinda founded a training company called Move My Mountain. At one point, she had over 500 employees and the stress to go along with it!  Lorrinda likes to call herself “a” lorrinda to remind herself daily that one person can do a lot, not everything.   She also likes to call herself the “Microbusiness Mistress” because she cheated on her husband and her health with her business.  Lorrinda spent years hiding in plain sight at a prestigious non-profit that she believed in, moonlighting with constant self-development and training, working behind the scenes, researching the perfect business model that would allow her to do well and BE well.   Today she continues to build wealth and rebuild her health while still living in that little house by the library, where she studies to do her own business in a way that pleases God and serves others..